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Digital Futures Institute: Living Well with Technology

Taking on some of the most pressing problems of the current age in order to help us create better digital futures. Through our research programmes, our educational courses and our external…

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Algorithms of Suspicion by Lilly Irani - Centre for Digital Culture

Algorithms of Suspicion: the Erosion of Worker Data Rights - 23 June 2023 This talk examines the assemblage of policies, practices, and algorithms of suspicion that control workers’ access…

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Undergraduate Virtual Open Week July 2022: Introduction to Digital Media & Culture

Undergraduate Virtual Open Week: Introduction to Digital Media & Culture This webinar was produced in July 2022. Although it was up-to-date at the time it was produced, some changes to courses…

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Week 1 - LDC - Part 3

Part 3

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Making Images Accessible

In this session, I will be walking through the process of making an image accessible. I'll cover the tools I use and the considerations I make when thinking about accessibility. Participants…

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Adapt the Week-long Data Dive Event to Online Fully with More Involvement

We've adapted the week-long Data Dive event from on-site to online over lockdown in 2020 and 2021, and realised it has both cons and pros, especially encouraging more participants from US…

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Inclusive Curriculum Framework: Research in Marketing Applications

With the aim to encourage education to create more inclusive modules, to inform them about good inclusive practices and ensure a holistic approach in designing inclusive modules across King's…

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Telling visual stories about research - Q&A

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Podcast Production Q&A

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Co-production, storytelling and design - Q&A

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Starting an independent production company with CHILD studio - Q&A

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3D Digital Modelling - Demo

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Augmented Reality: experience narrative and design

Veteran experience designer and King’s artist-in-residence Rob Morgan, of London-based immersive AR design studio Playlines will discuss how to find, design, and create access to immersive…

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Starting an independent production company with CHILD studio

In this one-hour workshop, the founders of CHILD studio will share their story of starting a video production company as recent graduates without external funding or investment. They’ll outline…

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Augmented Reality - Creative Digital Skills Q&A

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Creative VR and immersive technology

Digital artist and creative technologist Maf’j Alvarez will introduce you to her work and practice of developing virtual reality experiences for the cultural sector. You will see some of her…

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