All new media (audio/video) uploads to the Kaltura Media Service should adhere to the following disclaimer notices:

The University’s media platforms are places where we encourage engagement, interaction and discussion between students, staff, alumni and friends, in fact anyone interested in the King's College London.

All media that you (student or staff) upload to the Kaltura service should be solely for educational purposes only (e.g. submitting a video assignment that you have prepared for the Kaltura Media Assignment activity in KEATS).

King's College London would like to ensure that all media that is uploaded to the Kaltura service has been uploaded with the necessary permissions obtained, from the media creators or contributors to the content of the media uploaded. These permissions should take into account the Any information that you add to the details (metadata) of the uploaded media will be protected under the University's Privacy Notice.

The University would also like to ask that you are respectful in any of the comments that you leave on media that allows commentary. We reserve the right to remove anything we deem:

  • Abusive or personal attacks;
  • Material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrassing to any other entity;
  • Third party advertising;
  • Chain letters or ‘spam’.

We also reserve the right to terminate involvement by users who post such content.

King's has a specified upload quota for all media that is added to the service, the uploads to the service will be monitored by the Faculty Kaltura Super Users who will contact students who abuse the service for non-educational purposes.

For your safety, we strongly advise you to never include your personal details such as phone number, email, address or other personal information in the description or in the media details. Please see the relevant support pages (Staff/Student) for the service.

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