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World Mental Health Day - Emilie Wildman, PhD Student of Psychology

In recognition of World Mental Health Day 2021, we asked Staff and Students from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN): 1. What is the single biggest obstacle to…

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LTC Students as Partners Panel

Watch our LTC 2021 Flagship Student as Partners Panel bringing together student and staff voices from across King's, all from student partnerships, discussing the benefits, impact and…

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Creating a Contemporary Physiotherapy Curriculum: Challenges and Successes

Reflection on and learning from the process of healthcare curriculum development in co-production with students and with wide stakeholder engagement. Part of the Learning & Teaching Conference…

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Portrait Basics with Ann Witheridge from London Fine Art Studios

Join artist and teacher Ann Witheridge from the London Fine Art Studios for a fun and creative drawing workshop.In this one hour session, we will look at how the portrait can be sketched and drawn…

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Mandala making with Hana Ayoob

Join producer and artist Hana Ayoob for a creative workshop, learning about the history and meaning of mandalas and creating your own. Mandalas are geometric, spiritual designs, and Hana will guide…

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MDP - Seeing sounds with Daniel Regan

Join artist Daniel Regan for this workshop that combines the two senses of sight and hearing. You’ll be creating visuals based on listening to the sounds of the natural world. Let your auditory…

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What to expect in the new academic year

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IoPPN Pre-Arrivals 2018: A Welcome from Professor Patrick Leman

A welcome from Professor Patrick Leman, Dean of Education at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

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Get to know the Education Support Team

The Education Support Team are a crucial part of the IoPPN and are involved with activities spanning across the whole faculty. Our work includes but is not limited to student recruitment marketing,…

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New Dean, new students!

Professor Ian Everall, the new Executive Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, welcomes new postgraduate taught (PGT) students.

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Life in Denmark Hill

Discover the advantages of studying at Denmark Hill campus and living in an area that has become one of the most exciting in London. Nestled between Brixton, Peckham and East Dulwich, Kings students…

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Mental health training

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Student support: what our students say

Find out what our past and present postgraduate students say about support for students at King's College London

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Studying in London: what our students say

Find out what past and present postgraduate students at King's College London say about their experience of studying in London.

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International Student Advice Service who we are and what we do

International Student Advice service is here to support all international students from offer holder status through to graduation. For more information on the support the team can offer please visit…

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Welcome to SSPP

Professor Frans Berkhout, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy, welcomes the new arrivals starting at King's College London in September 2016.

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