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Redesigning a KEATS Training Session and Utilising MS Power Automate

After the initial response of the COVID pandemic died down, it allowed for more innovative redesigns for KEATS training sessions. The most advanced KEATS session (KEATS 3: Personalising…

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Webinar: Time Management Strategies

Ways to use time efficiently when planning seminars and marking.

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Planning Seminars

Orion Noda joined the Department of War Studies in 2019, as part of the Joint PhD programme between King’s College London (KCL) and the University of São Paulo (USP). His…

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Working with Module Conveners

Kristina Arakelyan - PhD candidate at King's College, London researching music composition. Kristina works as an educator in a number of settings, including as a GTA and GTA Development…

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Credibility - the First Seminar

Kasim is a Political Theory PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Science, but has been a GTA at King's in the departments of Philosophy and Political Economy. Kasim is a …

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